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Due Date Ch.22 EdWin
Edward awoke once more that morning, granted it was late morning, to a much more pleasant and familiar sound. His eyes opened to form slits, and he quietly peered upwards to where his wife and child were.
Winry had the boy in his arms, laughing away and grinning from ear to ear for no reason other than being very, very happy. It almost seemed ludicrous that twenty-four hours ago he felt like he was going to lose his sanity. As much as he wanted to join them in that second, he stayed still, wanting their moment to go on just a bit longer. That is, until a demanding, or what seemed like demanding to Ed, knock echoed from the door and into the room.
He gave a loud grunt, threw his sheets off his body and got up in one fluid movement, surprising Winry.
"Well good morning to you to. How long were you were awake?" she asked him in a mock accusatory tone.
He glanced over her way as she spoke and stopped before making it to the door. Deciding the person on the other side could wait a little lo
:iconjoyfuleejoyful:Joyfuleejoyful 10 6
Due Date Ch.21 EdWin
“Oh come on… come… on…” Winry spoke in a soft, breathy tone, annoyed with her current position. Despite the fact that she earlier declared nothing would stop her from touching her baby, it came to her attention that there was something that could stop her. Though it wasn’t the pain that was doing it, or her lack of strength, no, it was something far smaller and yet more difficult to deal with.
Medical cords.
She had gotten as far as sitting up and scooting a few inches closer to the end of her bed when she felt a sharp pain in her wrist and inner arm, causing her to inspect the areas. A grimace formed on her face when she saw how many cords and needles were stuck into her arm. She followed the length of them with her eyes and saw all the different bags and monitors she was hooked up to, noticing there was a fair amount of blood being given to her.
That explains the lack of strength then… Winry shrugged off her apparent blood l
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Due Date Ch.20 EdWin
Winry slowly regained consciousness at the sound of a man's boisterous snoring, and the sound of nails scratching softly at bare skin. The sound, oddly soothing for how annoying most people would find it, drifted in and out of her hearing, muffled by the ringing that was blatant in her ear drums. She wanted to turn it off like how a person would shut off an alarm clock, but unfortunately it was an internal thing so of course it was impossible. Well, that and the fact that her body wouldn't move as she told it to.
So instead of focusing on the annoying, she tried to remember where she was, and why she felt as stiff as a board. Her body was feeling as if it were wood, old and incredibly fragile. Most likely to break if bent the wrong way. All that, though, seemed minor to the emptiness she felt in her abdomen. The horror she experienced was coming to the forefront of her mind now as she slowly recalled the events that had occurred- a day ago? A week? A month? She couldn't tell, but all s
:iconjoyfuleejoyful:Joyfuleejoyful 12 7
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Due Date Ch.19 EdWin
Roy yawned and leaned back into his chair, raising his arms over his head as he attempted to work out the soreness that had formed in his back. He'd been stuck in his office all day with nothing paperwork and dull walls to keep him company, which wasn't such a bad thing considering that affairs had been pretty peaceful both inside and outside Central's walls, but in his personal tastes, things were maybe a little too peaceful.
In all honesty, he missed having to deal with the antics of his old team all the time. Sharing an office with them had been a pain in the ass back then, but now having this great big room with just him in it seemed off to him. In no way was he complaining, this had been his goal after all, but it didn't hurt to reminisce once in a while right? Of course he still saw them all the time, during duty hours, and after though he was basically on duty all day every day, but that was beside the point. Sometimes they would all meet up
:iconjoyfuleejoyful:Joyfuleejoyful 12 7
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Due Date Ch.18 EdWin
Ed moved with the group silently, his face formed into a somber expression. Despite his earlier joking around with Alphonse and show of will to the doctor he was now following, he was nervous as hell. Why? Well because he was about to meet his son for the first time.
His son.
Somewhere in the hospital, Winry had fought her way through her pain to give the both of them a son. Sure, meeting him without her was disheartening, but he wasn’t about to let this opportunity slip away from him. For a reason that he was aware of, but not completely accepting of, he felt like the baby was going to disappear, that he would just be gone if he waited to see him, if he hesitated.
And so, he kept his eyes forward and his feet moving.  Winry was in the hands of the doctors, and he would see her soon. Hell, she’d probably immediately wake up and beat the shit out of him of he didn’t go see their son first.
“It’s right through here.” The docto
:iconjoyfuleejoyful:Joyfuleejoyful 22 18


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